Kumarajiva Translator Training Program

The Kumarajiva Translator Training Program offers four areas of training for those interested in becoming qualified and eligible translators for the Kumarajiva Project.

1. Tibetan language immersion program: The Kumarajiva Project is in partnership with the Esukhia Tibetan Language Institute in offering Tibetan language immersion programs online with native Tibetan speakers, helping students rapidly improve their skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing Tibetan.

2. Chinese Language Training: In order to ensure that trainees have appropriate Chinese writing skills the Kumarajiva Project offers courses dedicated to classic and modern Chinese reading and writing. Currently, introductory courses are being offered by Han Zifeng and Professor Hou Naihui, well-respected faculty of the Chinese Literature Department of xxx university. Futher, intensive writing classes will be available in the autumn of 2021.

3. Translation Practice: For those who have established a firm foundation in reading and writing both Tibetan and Chinese, practice courses in Tibetan-Chinese translation are provided.
In 2020 and 2021, the renowned Chinese translator Fahu has been leading an online course that teaches the theory behind translation and essential knowledge for translating Buddhist scriptures into Chinese.
The Kumarajiva Project editor, Venerable Bao-seng will be providing introductory, intermediate, and advanced courses in Tibetan grammar and translation in the autumn of 2021.

4. Participation in our Translation Work: Once a trainee has established a level of confidence in translation, the Kumarajiva Project welcomes prospective translators with the opportunity to participate in its start-to-finishtranslation process,. Rangingfrom the initial tasks of evaluating a new text to the final publication of a text in Chinese, translators-in-training will gain a better understanding of how a translation team works together and will give an excellent overview of what it takes to provide the high-quality Buddhist translations produced by the Kumarajiva Project.

Download the course map.

Registration will open in January each year; the deadline for registration is Feb 28th. All interested parties are welcome. Click here to register.

An interview will be arranged for qualified candidates.

*For those who cannot commit to the 20 hours per week, please feel free to use our online resources to study at your own pace. www.arapatsa.org