Wisdom-Led Buddhist Technology:Translation and Transmission of Buddhist Texts in the AI Era
2023 年 9 月 23 日
Dzongsar Monlam Chenmo-Reciting “The Sūtra on Dependent Arising”
2023 年 10 月 27 日

The Archaeology of Buddhafields: Early Landscapes of Indian Buddhism

We welcome you to join us.
Let us follow Prof. Peter Skilling as he
explores Buddhist landscapeS in ancient India over the past two thousand years.
In this lecture, Peter Skilling uses more than a hundred photographs from his collection to guide us through the ruins of Buddhist sites and important archaeological discoveries in India.

Introduction of the Speaker
Peter Skilling is a lifetime student of Buddhist culture including history, philosophy, art, archaeology and inscriptions. He is a special lecturer at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, an Honorary Fellow in the Department of Indian SubcontinentAL Studies at the University of Sydney, and an Adjunct Professor at the Dept of Pali and Buddhist Studies, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, Maharashtra, India. Until his retirement in 2017, he was a professor at the French School of East Asian Studies (EFEO), Paris and Bangkok. He has been a visiting professor at leading universities worldwide. At present he is studying new discoveries and dimensions of South and Southeast Asian Buddhism including Thailand and Malaysia.

He has published and edited numerous books and articles related to South Asia, Southeast Asia and Tibetan Studies. His recent book is Questioning the Buddha containing 25 translations from the Tibetan Kanjur. Forthcoming is Buddha’s Words for Tough Times, 20 translations from Tibetan and Pali (December 2023).

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