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2022 年 6 月 17 日
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A Chinese New Year Offering - Audiobooks

The Kumarajiva Project has also produced 20 audiobooks in modern Chinese, most of them recorded by dedicated volunteers. Designed to reach an even larger audience, these audiobooks include sutras on taming the mind and pacifying pandemics and feature background music, some composed especially for the recordings.

"The words were really clear and compelling, while the background music was so well suited to the text that I was transported directly to Vulture’s Peak … The more I listened the more my eyes filled with tears, and my restless mind began to settle down."
– Vanessa Huang, audiobook listener

Audiobooks catalogue:
Maitreya’s Setting Out
The Perfection of Wisdom Mother in One Syllable
The Perfection of Wisdom for Vajraketu
The Perfection of Wisdom for Vajrapāṇi
The Sūtra of Nanda’s Going Forth
Praise of the Three Bodies
The Account of the Noble Deeds of Sumāgadhā
The Sūtra on the Three Bodies
The Sūtra on Advice for the King [2]
The Mahākāśyapa Sūtra
The Sūtra on the Threefold Training
The Perfection of Wisdom for Samantabhadra
The Sūtra Teaching the Four Factors
The Sūtra of the Chapter about Sthīrādhyāśa / Dṛdhādhyāśaya
The Inquiry of Avalokiteśvara on the Seven Qualities
Cultivating Trust in the Great Vehicle
The Perfection of Wisdom for Candragarbha
The Perfection of Wisdom for Sūryagarbha
The Sūtra on Dependent Arising
The Mahāsūtra “On Entering the City of Vaiśālī”

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